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If you're expecting a baby or have recently given birth, congratulations! The childbearing year is one of the most exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting times in the life of a family.

We're fond of saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and doulas reclaim that notion by surrounding the women giving birth today with the care, support, and nurturing environment that makes happy kids, and happy moms. Let's celebrate the beauty of what our bodies can do and respect the choices we all make in the path of pregnancy and birth. Community is what makes life beautiful, and at no time does this seem more crucial than when that community can rally around a woman as she and her family welcome a child into their lives.

As a doula, my role is simple: to give you and your family the best birth experience possible. Whether that means a waterbirth in your living room, an elective cesarian, or you simply haven't made up your mind, doulas make the difference. You will be supported and cared for in a gentle way, that will leave you free to focus on the one thing that matters most: your baby. There is no agenda, or bias, at wholemama; only the desire to help mothers birth their babies the way that they want to do it. When you are empowered in the choices you make by a doula's knowledgeable reassurance and hands-on skill, you have the best chance of shortening your labour, birthing without intervention, and breastfeeding successfully. 

With me, you will be supported during your pregnancy, labour, and postnatal weeks. Let your journey to parenthood be a gentle and positive one. Doulas bring a peace of mind and nurturing presence that allows you to be in control of your birthing experience, and the confidence to grow in your new role as parents.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you check back in soon - more blog posts are already in the works, including book reviews, birthing tips and techniques, and breastfeeding advice.