From pregnancy, to birth, to parenthood, your needs as a family change and grow. The holistic approach at wholemama recognizes and honours these changes and gives you the support to nurture yourself, and your baby. A doula’s role is equally transferrable - whether you’re just beginning to plan for your birth, or have questions about weaning your child, we can bring our experience and firsthand knowledge to helping your family at any stage.

Birth Doula Support

At your prenatal visits, we'll begin by discussing how you envision your baby's birth, and your hopes for both labour and the postnatal period. Listening to your needs and preferences, we'll create a unique birth plan. Your desires for an ideal birth will serve as a blueprint, but there will always be room to change your plans at any time. We will discus signs to know when you're in labour, what to bring to the hospital (or have on hand at home), coping methods, forms of pain relief, positions and breathing techniques, and postpartum adjustment. In the second visit, we can also discus prenatal strengthening exercises and breastfeeding support.

When your labour begins, I will come as soon as you feel it's necessary, and remain for the duration of your baby's birth, and for the first few hours afterwards. For many families, this is hours before your midwife will arrive, or before you will be admitted to the hospital. As your labour progresses I will use your birth plan and my own skills as a doula to keep you comfortable and on track for the birth you envision. After your baby arrives, I will hang back, taking photos and videos if you prefer, and allowing you and your family the time to bond with your new baby in those first unforgettable moments.

The postnatal visit(s) are an ideal time to go over the birth and discuss breastfeeding. Many parents enjoy the chance to recall their own memories, as well as seeing it from another perspective.

Included services: 

  • 2 prenatal visits
  • a customized birth plan
  • unlimited phone and email support
  • access to personal lending library
  • 24/7 availability in the two weeks surrounding your expected due date
  • complete labour support, from onset of labour to postpartum hours
  • 1 postnatal visit

Families interested in HypnoBirthing® can merge their prenatal visits with classes. Additional pre- and/or postnatal visits can be arranged at an hourly rate.

Cost of Birth Doula Support: $1,150

Postnatal Services



Birth is just the beginning of the journey.  Postpartum care can give you the confidence and support you need to grow into new motherhood gently.

My years of experience working with parents and their young children means that our connection doesn't need to end when you have your baby is in your arms. My postnatal services include breastfeeding support, family adjustment strategies, babycare (including cloth diapering) and infant soothing, and postpartum support.

I'm also happy to offer community referrals if your needs are outside of my own scope - whether you're looking for a lactation consultant or a meal service, I have many resources available: 

  • breastfeeding support
  • postnatal recovery support
  • family adjustment strategies
  • infant soothing and baby care
  • cloth diapering and babywearing