Postnatal Services


Birth is just the beginning of the journey.  Postpartum care can give you the confidence and support you need to grow into new motherhood gently.

My years of experience working with parents and their young children means that our connection doesn't need to end when you have your baby is in your arms. My postnatal services include breastfeeding support, family adjustment strategies, babycare (including cloth diapering) and infant soothing, and postpartum support.

I'm also happy to offer community referrals if your needs are outside of my own scope - whether you're looking for a lactation consultant or a meal service, I have many resources available: 

  • breastfeeding support
  • postnatal recovery support
  • family adjustment strategies
  • infant soothing and baby care
  • cloth diapering and babywearing

Cost of Hourly Postnatal Services: $25


The first weeks after the birth of your baby are a time of rest and getting acquainted with each other. Cocooning recognizes the importance of this brief period of mother-baby bonding by allowing mothers to do just that - hold, feed, and cuddle their babies while leaving the stress and speed of the outside world for a short time. 

I can create a custom plan that includes meal preparation, care of older children, shopping, and household tasks,  to leave your hands free to hold the person who needs you most during those first days and weeks. Please contact me for more information about Cocooning, and how it can work for your family.

Additional Services

Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Let me lend a hand, whether you're in the market for a new Bugaboo, or a new nanny.

  • personal shopping for your new arrival
  • post parental leave childcare options (daycare/homecare/nannies)
  • prepared organic fresh meals (vegetarian and gluten-free available)